A huge time saving function that further reduces the effort of processing a schedule of works orders is a recent enhancement to the PSL Datatrack production control system. This new feature enables replicating a works order multiple times in a matter of seconds.

This builds on the previous ability to copy orders one by one and provides an automated solution, enabling users to progress with more productive and profitable engineering tasks. The system wizard helps by giving the user control over the number of copies and interval between deliveries. In addition, there are options for how the purchase order and line number are replicated or incremented.

This wizard allows users to decide if the interval should be days, weeks or months, with the customer’s due date and the scheduled date automatically adjusted. Once the interval has been determined, the user can choose to increment or copy the purchase order number and line number.

A final option controls the sequencing for the new works order numbers to determine if they are separate order numbers or generations of the original. The user has the opportunity to confirm the replication settings prior to processing, reducing the risk of human error. As with all PSL Datatrack functionality, configuration options control the default settings that can be overridden for ease of use.

This is the latest in a number of features PSL Datatrack has introduced in recent versions with the intention of saving subcontract precision engineers valuable time and effort when raising orders. The Works Order Generator, another popular wizard, enables creation of multiple works orders across a range of different components.

All of this streamlined functionality is fully compatible with the system’s new Contract Review module, designed to ensure that all contract review elements have been checked and approved for a specific job or project whilst adhering to ISO 9001, AS9100 and other industry accreditations.

“Our system is designed to help our customers streamline their entire production process and the new Replicate Works Order function is another example of increased efficiency with production control software,” concludes Geoff Gartland, Managing Director.

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