Production Control Software – It Starts With A Quote

Often described as the software equivalent of setting a machine tool, the PSL Datatrack Quotations module is used to estimate the selling price of a component, assembly or product assembled from a Bill Of Materials (BOM). The quotation also defines a process layout, which will become the basis for the route card if the quotation is accepted and an order taken.

The selling price is based on a number of factors. The cost of the production process, materials required, tooling costs and any subcontract work must all be considered for the most accurate quote possible. The percentage split of each of these values is displayed in the quotation footer for an at-a-glance analysis.

Production operations are added and assigned to machines or resources defined in the Cost Centres module. Preferred hourly rates, set/cycle times and process efficiencies are then defined, calculating a final batch total for each operation.

Once all of the necessary information has been entered, a professional quote letter can be generated at the push of a button, with company letterheads and staff signatures embedded as necessary. Before going live, PSL Datatrack will work with you on the layout of this and all other corporate documents. Quote letters can then be printed one per quote or multiple quotes can be added to the same letter if they are for the same customer.

Once the quotation has been prepared, a sales pipeline can be managed and reported on to provide a forecast for quotations that you believe will be successful. An expected percentage and order-by-date are also available for this pipeline reporting.

When a quotation is accepted, the information already entered into PSL Datatrack is used to create a works order. Data is then reused until the order is delivered and invoiced, covering purchasing, stock control, schedulingshop floor data collectiongauge calibrationnon conformance and job costing. Reuse of data prevents possible user error and allows for a post-production review to ensure that the quote was actually profitable before considering running the job again.

Many quotation reports are available and the module has its own listing screen for rapid on-screen filtering and reporting. This management information ensures that all quotes are kept accurate and up-to-date. Each quotation has a status, meaning old quotes can be cancelled or failed upon review if necessary.

Template quotations can also be set up and existing quotes, or elements of them, can be copied, saving unnecessary administration time for staff whilst maintaining accuracy and efficiency.

Ultimately, PSL Datatrack users are now winning more business because they are not only quoting more, but with more precision! Can you afford to stick with outdated or inaccurate methods of quoting and miss out on profitable jobs? If no is the answer, email  or call 01344 827312 to discuss your production control software requirements today!

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