Business Controls To Fulfil Key Performance Indicators

Even if they are not using the chosen production control software system every day themselves, the management team of any subcontract precision engineering company needs to know that accurate controls are in place. Fortunately, PSL Datatrack has many business tools in place to ensure maximum control and fulfilment of your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Firstly, there are a vast number of configuration options which management can decide how to set. Rather than just being features that turn on and off, the majority can be configured to work in a specific way. These have been developed based on our own ideas and those our customers have submitted through our Wishlist.

These configuration options help to ensure that urgent actions do not get missed and that KPIs continue to be met. For example, when saving a line on a delivery note a quotation-specific message can be displayed, ensuring that whoever raises the delivery does so in the right way for it to be packed correctly and delivered on time.

Management can control which users have what authorisation in individual modules through User Maintenance. It’s not simply a case of permitting access to a module or not, rather picking and choosing what module options each user has. For example, Read and Internal-only options are available and permissions affecting the ability to see things like monetary values and management reports can be granted or removed as necessary.

Then there is the CRM/Tasks module, which is designed to manage multiple tasks for multiple users within a business. Tasks can be linked to specific records within other PSL Datatrack modules or can be independent of any other system data. They can be assigned to single or multiple users by using tasks groups and the system can be configured to issue task reminders automatically by email.

With all of these business controls in place, management can then decide how they wish to see KPI information displayed. An at-a-glance dashboard option presents up to 57 statistics from all installed modules and can be set as the user’s home screen. All KPIs on the dashboard are supported by reports in the system and there are a large number of other standard reports, available in all PSL Datatrack modules, which can be customised further if there is a particular information requirement.

Lastly there is the option of highly visible KPIs by way of Status Boards, already used by many PSL Datatrack customers. These can be commissioned to display any information from the system on screens around a factory. In short – there is no excuse for you not to have the information you need!

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