PSL Datatrack Controls The Whole Company


    PSL Datatrack Controls The Whole Company

    PSL Datatrack Controls The Whole Company
    Monday 2 September 2019 10:51:20 AM75 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    Sub CNC are an extremely successful company, having grown significantly in the 10 years that they have been operating. George and Yian had prior experience of using software systems before they started Sub CNC, but initially they did all their quoting the basic way – Word and Excel.

    As the company has grown they needed a more efficient system so PSL Datatrack was the way to go. They now use a number of modules including quotation, stock control, purchase orders and invoicing.

    A great endorsement of the system is that Gwyneth, who is new to the company, has picked up the system with consummate ease.

    In Yian’s words, ‘ The system now controls the whole business’.


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