Norgren Workholding joins MTDCNC


    Norgren Workholding joins MTDCNC

    Norgren Workholding joins MTDCNC
    Friday 2 July 2021 7:12:45 AM388 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    With our focus on breakthrough engineering with focus on “Creating a Better World”, Norgren have signed up to the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.  Businesses demand fresh thinking, progressive innovation and new approaches to successfully tackle fundamental issues such as climate change, rapid population growth and using technology to improve the quality of lives. We challenged traditional thinking about Workholding solutions,  based on 159 years’ experience manufacturing millions of parts per year,  for our own CNC machining and explored ways to reduce set up, changeover times, eliminate costs and time spent designing, creating and storing vice/soft jaws.

    We took this knowledge and formed Norgren Workholding to help share their ideas with the machining community.

    Norgren Workholding, part of IMI plc, has dramatically reduced steps involved and forever changed the way parts are held and gripped in the CNC workholding industry.

    Adaptix™ is our new range of products made for the future of CNC workholding.

    This revolutionary product reinvents the soft jaw process and even the need to have soft jaws at all.

    Are you ready to join the revolution:-


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