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    New also from Makino will be a wire-cut electric discharge machining (EDM) centre, the U6 H.E.A.T. EXTREME, which uses the largest diameter wire – 0.4 mm – of any machine on the market. The wire is coated and distinct from the 0.25 mm uncoated brass wire that is commonly used in industry. The extra wire thickness together with the use of a second, booster generator in the machine allows two to three times higher feed rates and heavier duty machining coupled with a slower unspool speed, so there is no increase in wire consumption rate. The demonstration on the NCMT stand will be roughing the fir-tree root form of a turbine blade, assisted by dual pumps delivering high flushing pressure and volume.

    Part of Makino’s popular U-Series wire EDM machine platform, the U6 H.E.A.T. EXTREME uses a new Bedra copper core wire with a double layer coating having controlled zinc donation. It has been optimised for use with Makino’s generator and is exclusive to the new machine, promoting fast cutting at a reduced wire speed, leading to lower manufacturing cost. Areas of application include aerospace and medical component machining, separating additively manufactured parts, machining tall moulds and dies and tackling tough nickel alloys.

    The U6 H.E.A.T. EXTREME also features Makino’s HyperDrive Extreme wire control to raise speed and performance. The system employs servo motor tensioning that provides both jet and jet-less auto threading modes and expands the range and stability of wire tension to overcome the difficult job of reliably threading high tensile strength and therefore stiff 16-micron wire.

    The machine has a cutting conditions library developed to provide an optimum combination of speed, accuracy, surface finish and wire consumption for both sealed and poor flush applications. Settings for two-pass machining have been developed to provide optimal productivity.

    Additionally, to reduce maintenance costs, the machine features long-life energisers that dramatically extend the service life of this consumable. To improve ease of use and productivity, the U6 H.E.A.T. EXTREME has the intuitive Hyper-i twin-screen control that includes advanced functions to support the needs of operators at all skill levels.

    The machine is delivered as standard with HyperConnect Industry 4.0 network connectivity for remote machine monitoring and interlinking of all manufacturing information. It is also Athena voice-enabled, allowing hands-free control and simplifying training for novice operators.

    A video on the U6 H.E.A.T. EXTREME is available at:

    Two further Makino EDM machines will be on show. A second wire-cut machine, the U3i with fourth axis, which is also new to MACH having been shown for the first time at EMO 2019, will be demonstrated producing a medical part. The machine features jet-less threading and the same HyperDrive Extreme wire drive system as described above. Diverse automation options are available including a collaborative robot (cobot) for loading and unloading.

    There will also be an EDAF3 die sinking EDM machine equipped with an Erowa Compact 80 magazine for storing and automatically loading and unloading electrodes and components. It will be shown machining root form pockets and the seal slot on a turbine blade.

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