Walter Unveils Advanced WIS30 Ceramic Grade Inserts for Superior Milling and Turning Operations

Walter’s latest indexable inserts featuring the cutting-edge WIS30 ceramic grade are engineered to excel in both milling and turning operations. Crafted from a composition of silicon (Si), aluminum (Al), oxygen (O), and nitrogen (N), these SiAlON ceramic inserts, with elevated aluminum content, demonstrate exceptional efficacy when machining super alloy materials within the ISO S workpiece group. Notable examples include Inconel 718, Rene, Hastelloy, and Waspaloy.

Designed for versatility, these ceramic inserts are suitable for a range of turning and milling applications, encompassing roughing, semi-finishing, and finishing, as well as interrupted cuts with an axial depth of cut (ap) up to 0.197″ (5 mm). The inserts, featuring a chamfer, offer either a rounded cutting edge (hone E) for a gentle cutting action or a robust cutting edge (T-land T01020) for heavy-duty machining operations.

The lineup includes C-style inserts and round inserts (CNGN, RCGX, RPGN, and RNGN). CNGN, RNGN, and RPGN are standard ISO negative and positive inserts without a screw hole, while the RCGX boasts a positive clearance insert with a triangular prismatic base, providing an exceptionally strong insert pocket. The WIS30 grade’s high aluminum content contributes to impressive heat resistance, particularly advantageous when working with super alloys.

This advanced ceramic grade, characterized by longer needle-shaped grains and a finer grain size compared to the WIS10 grade, exhibits heightened toughness. This enhanced toughness allows the WIS30 grade to tackle demanding applications such as turning castings with scales and milling operations, ultimately reducing the cost per cutting edge due to its extended tool life.

To complement milling applications, Walter introduces two new ceramic insert mills: M2472 for positive inserts (RPGN) and M2473 designed for negative inserts (RNGN). Both milling holder families feature coolant vents, ensuring the delivery of compressed air to extend the tool life of the inserts.

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