Unlocking Precision and Power: Exploring Universal Robots’ Cobot with Advanced Motion Control

Universal Robots Unveils UR30: A Compact Powerhouse with a 30-kg Payload for High-Speed, Heavy-Duty Automation”

Universal Robots expands its cobot lineup with the UR30, the latest addition to its innovative series. Built on the successful UR20 architecture, this compact cobot defies its size, offering extraordinary lifting capabilities and precise motion control. Ideal for various applications such as machine tending, material handling, and high-torque screw driving, UR30 is a game-changer in automation.

The UR30’s high payload opens new avenues in machine tending, allowing simultaneous use of multiple grippers for efficient removal of finished parts and faster material loading. This not only reduces changeover times but also maximizes productivity.

Designed to excel in high-torque screw driving, UR30 accommodates larger and higher-output torque tools. The Steady Mode feature ensures straight and consistent screw driving, making it a valuable asset, especially in industries like automotive manufacturing.

With its 30-kg payload, UR30 proves to be an excellent choice for material handling and palletizing heavy products across diverse industries. Its small footprint ensures compatibility with almost any workspace, providing a versatile solution that relieves humans of heavy lifting. Weighing just 63.5 kg, the UR30 is easily portable between work cells, adding flexibility to automation setups. Step into the future of automation with Universal Robots’ UR30 – compact, powerful, and ready for heavy-duty tasks.

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