Treble YOUR Turnover In These 5 Simple Steps – #SwarfandChips


    Treble YOUR Turnover In These 5 Simple Steps – #SwarfandChips

    Episode 195.

    This week’s show is a #SwarfandChips take over show at Chirton Engineering, we look at their success from turning over 3 million pounds to 9 million in just a few years. We talk with Darren Scarr (Managing Director) about the changes they have made including investment in machines, people, and also using consultants to look at ways of making the business more efficient. Lyndsey takes us on a journey around the facility looking at the changes in the layout to best optimise their business. This is a great UK engineering success story thriving in the North East of England.

    Grab a coffee, sit back and enjoy this educational feast.
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