Tool Grinder With Small Footprint Cuts Custom Tools

Strausak Inc. presents the model ONE five‐axis flexible tool and cutter grinding machine. The machine features Numroto tool design software for the grinding of rotary and stationary cutting tools in small and large batch production. It can also custom cut tools as well as resharpen.

A four‐station wheel changer is integrated into the machine as standard. This wheel changer can be upgraded at any time to an eight‐position or 12‐position system. It is easily accessible from the outside of the machine.

The thermal stability of the machine is high due to a distinct machine design and rigid five‐axis configuration. Field tests demonstrated an unusually high Cpk process capability, according to Strausak.

Running the synchronous grinding spindle at 40% power draw or less does not release any heat into the machine or into the grinding process. Strausak says this benefits the machine with a consistent grinding process and maintaining thermal stability.

This machine can also be retrofitted with a high‐speed grinding spindle alongside a three‐position wheel changer. This option is designed for pocket grinding for brazed carbide, PCD or any other ultra-hard materials. Strausak highlights other applications such as short flutes, ID grinding or any other feature with tight radiuses.

A Staubli robot can be pre‐installed or retrofitted to the machine for parts handling. It is a six‐axis, high‐speed industrial robot that allows extended unattended production. It can also load extra‐long blanks or parts. Rollomatic cassettes can be used in conjunction with this robot. This robot’s installation is optional. This machine can be also equipped with a pick‐and‐place loader which accepts the same cassettes as the range of Rollomatic machines.

According to Strausak, ONE tool grinding machine presents the smallest possible footprint among any tool grinder with a 32 mm (1.1/4”) capacity.

This model is designed so any option can be upgraded and retrofitted at any time during the life of the machine, making it scalable. For this reason, the machine is suited for a variety of companies due to its adaptable characteristics and optional add-ons.

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