Tesmec gears up for Aramco’s Master Gas System expansion

Tesmec is set to introduce its ground-breaking 1875XL EVO, a colossal 950 hp chainsaw trencher, into the Saudi Arabian oil and gas industry. This formidable machine will play a pivotal role in assisting Saudi Tesmec in shaping the future of Saudi Arabia by supporting the multitude of ambitious projects continually emerging, all aimed at realising the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision.

Master Gas System

In this context, the 1875XL EVO is a perfect fit to support the expansion of the Master Gas System in 2024, one of the world’s largest hydrocarbon networks. Saudi Aramco’s Master Gas Phase 3 (MGS III) project aims to convert several power plants from oil to natural gas, thereby contributing to the country’s efforts to achieve a cleaner energy mix and its goal of reaching net-zero emissions.

The MGS III program will involve the addition of over 3,000 km of pipelines and the installation of more than 15 compression trains. These enhancements will serve both existing customers and over 30 new industrial facilities across the Eastern, Central, and Western regions. This initiative is expected to result in the replacement of over one million barrels of liquid fuel by 2030.

1875XL EVO chainsaw trencher

The 1875XL EVO is a revolutionary chainsaw trencher equipped with an impressive 950 hp engine that redefines digging performance, excelling even in the toughest conditions. Tailored for large-diameter pipelines and challenging hard rock soils, it surpasses industry standards and can cut trenches to remarkable depths of up to 732 cm and widths of up to 213 cm.

The 1875XL EVO is a colossal 950 hp chainsaw trencher

The 1875XL EVO chainsaw trencher ensures cost-effective excavation in very hard rock and maximises productivity, even in the most challenging conditions. Enhanced power and advanced hydraulics improve operational efficiency and streamline digging processes.
Furthermore, the new 1875XL EVO is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, making it the most advanced solution in the market.

Trencher benefits

In the future, Saudi Tesmec will play a pivotal role in major projects, including the imminent expansion of the Master Gas System, as it continuously collaborates with its partners to help shape the future of Saudi Arabia. Tesmec trenchers introduce a significant innovation in the field of oil and gas pipeline installation compared to conventional excavation methods, such as crawler excavators, which are associated with high expenditures, service costs, after-sales expenses, operator requirements, and logistical challenges.

In contrast, a single trencher outperforms multiple conventional machines, facilitating faster project execution, increased productivity, overall cost reduction, safer on-site operations, and minimised environmental impact.

Tesmec’s technologies:

TrenchTronic 5.0: Automatic trenching and self-diagnostic technology
It is an electronic control system designed to improve the ease of use of the trencher and increase productivity by making it less dependent on operator skills.

TrenchIntel: The 3D-GPS automatic guidance system
The satellite guidance system is capable of automatically controlling machine steering, trajectory and trenching depth with extreme precision.

Re.M: The remote monitoring and reporting technology
It provides on-demand retrieval of operating, maintenance and troubleshooting information to help improve each machine’s bottom-line performance.

Smart tracker: The as-built data recorder
It automatically collects as-built data while the machine is trenching, avoiding survey stakeout and reducing time and cost.

The development of Tesmec trenchers, especially the new 1875XL EVO, has been focused on the fundamental key drivers for contractors, such as:

  • Reliability to ensure maximum uptime, enabling continuous operation even during double shifts and in extreme conditions.
  • The ability to trench economically in extremely hard rock is made possible, in part, thanks to patented flywheel gearboxes and a robust frame.
  • Achieving maximum productivity remains a priority, even in the most challenging conditions.
  • Low operating costs are achieved through the use of new digging teeth and simplified maintenance and servicing procedures.

Tesmec possesses a wealth of expertise from collaborating on critical projects with top-tier organisations. The company also ensures round-the-clock support for its clients, providing local customer service and spare parts availability to prioritise client needs at every juncture. In addition, it maintains a close relationship with clients throughout the entire process, commencing with pre-machine acquisition consultations, facilitating machine sales, and continuing with comprehensive post-sale support, including the provision of spare parts, all managed by a dedicated team of professionals.

Tesmec’s commitment also extends to delivering a holistic service involving on-site presence with Tesmec supervisors. These supervisors monitor operations and collaborate closely with customer site management to optimise machine efficiency.

Simultaneously, the company offers comprehensive operation and maintenance packages for its machines, ensuring the highest level of support and service quality.

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