Siemens and Intrinsic collaborate on AI-powered robotics and automation.

Siemens and Intrinsic have collaborated to investigate integrations and interfaces between Intrinsic’s AI-based robotics software and Siemens Digital Industries’ open and interoperable portfolio for automating and operating industrial production. The two businesses plan to look at new ways to bridge the gap between robots, automation engineering, and IT development. The collaboration will drive the development of flexible, AI-enabled robot work cells and ease their operation, making industrial robotics more accessible and usable for more businesses, entrepreneurs, and developers, particularly in new market segments such as small and medium-sized businesses.

“Intrinsic’s mission is to democratise robotics access.” However, robotics is rarely separated from the manufacturing environment, where the majority of value is created today,” explains Wendy Tan White, CEO of Intrinsic. “That is why collaborating with Siemens Digital Industries, an industry leader in automation, is an exciting opportunity to bring joint solutions to market in the future so that many more businesses can benefit from the value that robotics and automation can provide.”

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