Revolutionizing Production: Fraunhofer’s Cobot Advances Quality Control

Collaborative robots (cobots) have emerged as a game-changing technology in the industrial landscape. With AI and sensor capabilities, these robots seamlessly integrate into production facilities, offering flexible and intelligent automation solutions. In today’s dynamic manufacturing environment characterized by individualized production, fragile supply chains, and evolving regulations, cobots provide a competitive edge. In a groundbreaking collaboration with Diebold Nixdorf and verlinked, Fraunhofer researchers have introduced CogeP (Cobot-supported test stations for Intelligent Technical Systems) in the “it’s OWL” project. This innovative testing robot revolutionizes quality checks for ATM control panels, enabling swift and error-free inspections that adapt effortlessly to changing testing requirements.

CogeP employs a sensor-equipped robot arm that maneuvers a camera over the components, scrutinizing them from multiple angles. Leveraging AI-driven image analysis, the system swiftly evaluates product quality. If any defects are detected, such as protruding screws or loose plug connections, the system promptly alerts responsible employees, facilitating immediate corrective actions. This not only enhances productivity but also alleviates the burden of manual visual inspections for employees, making their roles in production more engaging and error-free.

A key feature of the solution is its integration with an IoT platform, serving as a centralized hub for real-time data management. This platform assigns testing tasks, stores results, and aggregates data from various robots and assignments. Such seamless data integration enables continuous optimization of testing processes. Additionally, the collected data facilitates effortless adjustments for new product versions, minimizing programming efforts. The system’s adaptability ensures swift response to evolving testing requirements without significant investments or modifications.

Beyond testing processes, the cobot solution offers versatility in assembly, picking and packing, and general plant support. Leveraging expertise in industrial process technology and machine learning, Fraunhofer IEM assists SMEs in seamlessly integrating cobot workstations into existing production processes. This approach enables small and medium-sized enterprises to swiftly modify production operations and cater to varying unit volumes, ensuring agility and competitiveness in today’s dynamic market landscape.

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