Renishaw Unveils Enhanced AGILITY CMM Range for Precision Manufacturing

Renishaw has introduced an expanded lineup of AGILITY coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), bolstering its renowned reputation for innovation in demanding industry sectors. Engineered for both speed and precision, the AGILITY range leverages Renishaw’s expertise to deliver new capabilities directly to the shop floor, particularly optimized for the REVO 5-axis multi-sensor system.

Nathan Fielder, Renishaw’s Product Manager for the AGILITY CMM range, elaborates on the development process: “We took the award-winning REVO 5-axis multi-sensor system and sought to enhance its capabilities to meet the rigorous demands of high-end manufacturers. The result is the AGILITY range – CMMs that leverage the advantages of the REVO multi-sensor system precisely where they’re needed most: on the shop floor.”

These multi-sensor CMMs empower manufacturers to conduct multiple measurement processes and generate reports using a single device. The AGILITY CMM range offers access to the complete suite of REVO sensors, including tactile touch-trigger and scanning, surface roughness, temperature, ultrasonic thickness measurement, and non-contact probes.

Constructed from granite and anodized aluminum, the machine structure ensures exceptional strength and stability while maintaining precise metrology across the measuring volume. Critical design elements such as bearing placement, cable track arrangement, and frictionless linear motors contribute to a stable and repeatable platform, especially during high-speed REVO system scanning.

Renishaw’s AGILITY S CMMs, designed for shop floor environments where clean air and temperature control are challenging, provide a robust solution for inspecting manufactured parts with high accuracy. These models are available in various working volumes, with options for raised working volumes to accommodate pallet loading systems or rotary tables, ensuring versatility and adaptability to diverse production needs.

Meanwhile, AGILITY L machines, tailored for metrology labs operating within clean room environments, offer high-performance, multi-sensor 5-axis measurement within specified temperature ranges. Featuring a single-sided raised Y-axis design, these models enhance accessibility for manual part loading in scenarios where automation is not required.

The AGILITY CMM range epitomizes Renishaw’s commitment to innovation and quality, integrating a broad spectrum of technologies and manufacturing expertise. Leigh Elsworthy, CMM Customer Services Manager, underscores Renishaw’s comprehensive approach: “From the machine frame to the probing system, encoders, machine controller, linear motors, styli, part fixturing, measurement software, and laser-based mapping and verification systems – all components are meticulously designed and manufactured in-house.”

Each AGILITY CMM undergoes error mapping and certification using Renishaw’s laser calibration systems, with installation and service carried out exclusively by certified installers. Furthermore, these CMMs are compatible with Renishaw Central, a powerful manufacturing data platform enabling real-time reporting and closed-loop process control on the shop floor.

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