PRESTO Robotic Inspection Cell Cuts Inspection Cycles in Half

Manufacturing Intelligence, a branch of Hexagon, has launched PRESTO, a new automated robotic inspection cell that allows manufacturers to minimise quality inspection times, boost productivity, and streamline workflows. By expanding measurement capacity and thus lowering time to market, PRESTO will help customers, such as automobile OEMs, to cope with the industry’s dynamic demands, such as the shift to electric mobility.

The solution is based on Hexagon’s industry-leading HxGN Robotic Automation software, which has helped the car industry navigate an uncertain market by integrating Hexagon’s cutting-edge 3D scanning and absolute positioning technology and software into a single turn-key solution.

Manufacturers cannot afford to retool an entire production line to make Electric Vehicles (EVs) rather than Internal Combustion Engines (ICEs), or to set up incoming inspection of a vehicle door from a supplier. Hexagon’s PRESTO adapts quality inspection for a dynamic, unpredictable period while also enabling the future of smaller-batch production of higher volume parts.

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