Nvidia Unveils Groundbreaking Digital Manufacturing Ecosystem for Smart Factories

Nvidia is pioneering a revolutionary digital manufacturing ecosystem, transforming smart factories with an innovative workflow supported by a vast partner network. This comprehensive solution empowers manufacturers to plan, build, operate, and optimize their factories using cutting-edge technologies.

Key components of the workflow include Omniverse, linking top computer-aided design apps, APIs, and advanced frameworks for generative AI; Isaac Sim application for robot simulation and testing; and the Metropolis vision AI framework, now enhanced for automated optical inspection.

Nvidia founder and CEO, Jensen Huang, showcased an industry-first at Computex—a fully digitalized smart factory, emphasizing the cost-saving benefits of building physical things digitally first. The ecosystem facilitates the creation and operation of virtual factories, digitizes manufacturing and inspection workflows, enhances quality and safety, and reduces last-minute surprises and delays.

Major players in the industry are already leveraging Nvidia’s ecosystem:

  • Foxconn Industrial Internet is automating circuit-board quality-assurance inspection points.
  • Innodisk is deploying Nvidia Metropolis to automate optical inspection, enhancing production efficiency.
  • Pegatron is digitalizing circuit-board factories with simulation, robotics, and automated production inspection.
  • Quanta is using AI robots for product inspection, optimizing with Isaac Sim for simulation and testing.
  • Wistron is building digital twins of its operations using Omniverse and automating circuit-board optical inspection with Metropolis.

Nvidia collaborates with leading manufacturing-tools and service providers to develop a full-stack, single architecture at every workflow level. The IGX Orin provides an edge AI platform, while Omniverse connects 3D and AI providers at the platform level. Isaac Sim and Metropolis offer applications for building and deploying AI-based robots and factory-automation AI workflows, respectively.

This transformative ecosystem represents a leap forward in digital manufacturing, redefining how smart factories operate and innovate.

Original Source from asiamanufacturingnewstoday.com

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