Nikon has begun the acquisition of its partner Avonix Imaging

Nikon Corporation has announced the execution of an equity purchase agreement with Avonix Imaging LLC, which produces, sells, and maintains X-ray and CT equipment. Nikon intends to buy Avonix as a subsidiary, subject to regulatory approvals and typical closing conditions. Nikon expects to purchase all of Avonix’s shares in summer 2023, subject to clearance by appropriate regulatory authorities and other closing circumstances.

Nikon and Avonix have collaborated since 2015 in the joint development, sales, and provision of services connected to CT systems for large-scale inspection, which is one of Nikon Metrology’s product lines. Nikon and Avonix intend to continue developing new products and expanding their company with Avonix’s customers in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Nikon claims that it has designated digital manufacturing as its primary strategic business through 2025. Nikon’s goal is to deliver X-ray and CT inspection solutions to meet a variety of inspection and measurement needs and challenges at production locations.

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