JSW Steel USA will invest $145 million to improve manufacturing operations

JSW Steel USA Ohio, Inc., a subsidiary of JSW Steel Ltd., announced intentions to invest $145 million in new projects to modernise its Mingo Junction, Ohio, manufacturing operations.

JSW Steel USA strives to address the demand for high-quality steel products “melted and manufactured in the United States.””These new investments reaffirm JSW’s commitment to a sustainable and green future,” stated Parth Jindal, director of JSW Steel USA. “The operational improvements being implemented at JSW Steel USA are a significant step towards achieving our long-term ESG objectives.” These investments and projects will assist us in creating high-quality’melted and made in the United States’ steel products for our infrastructure and renewable energy customers.”

JSW Steel USA has always supported the Department of Energy’s (DOE) emission reduction initiatives and applauds its recent efforts to promote infrastructure that decreases the iron and steel industry’s carbon footprint through critical legislation such as the Inflation Reduction Act.

JSW Steel USA’s proposed investments will be used to construct different initiatives to upgrade its operations, including the installation of one of the world’s largest Vacuum Tank Degasser (VTD) and the upgrade of supporting facilities, including production infrastructure.

When compared to typical steam ejector vacuum technology, the suggested VTD offers significantly fewer carbon emissions. It will assist JSW Steel USA in reducing hydrogen concentration in its steel products by electrifying metallurgical processes.

JSW Steel USA is also introducing Dynamic Soft Reduction (DSR) technology in its casting operations as part of this investment strategy.

The proposed investments will strengthen JSW’s production capabilities in the United States, allowing the company to produce “Made in USA” slabs for the Renewable Energy and Infrastructure sectors.

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