Inventec Partners with Microsoft to Provide Smart Factory Solutions

Inventec, a leading innovator in cloud computing, wireless communication, intelligent devices, and IoT, recently announced its newest industry-leading 5G connectivity solutions for private 5G networks, based on Microsoft Azure Private 5G Core and Intel’s 5G-optimized CPUs.

5G Private Network Solution and 5G Enabled Digital Twins are now accessible on the Azure Marketplace from Inventec. Organizations can use Azure Private 5G Core to quickly install and manage private 5G networks at the enterprise edge.


Inventec first implemented an Azure private 5G Core network in its Taoyuan factory to see how easy, scalable, and secure it was to transform a traditional production line into a 5G-enabled smart factory, and it found that the transformation resulted in a massive ROI. Inventec developed and debuted its 5G Next Lab in Taiwan in collaboration with Microsoft and Intel.

The 5G Next Lab’s purpose is to provide a working space for Inventec’s ecosystem partners to collaborate on end-to-end industry solutions, as well as a showroom to’show and tell’ these solutions, all of which are built on Azure Private 5G Core. The collaboration between Inventec and Microsoft to develop end-to-end solutions for smart factories is the first showcase of the 5G Next Lab.

To create smart factories, the solutions combine Inventec’s 5G private network solutions, NEXCOM’s top-tier AIoT (AI + IoT) Industry 4.0 cross-border integration systems and solutions, and Microsoft HoloLens. This integrated solution was first implemented by NEXCOM in its own HwaYa factory and will be pushed to other manufacturers due to unrivalled customer benefits such as hassle-free verification and implementation, quick time-to-production, and lower total cost of ownership.


“We are proud to be a decade-long member of Microsoft’s rich partner ecosystem. Our cross-domain collaboration with Microsoft ranges from laptops and servers in the IT domain and now to 5G in the CT domain. With the global launch of Microsoft Azure Private 5G Core, Inventec looks forward to onboarding new customers to enjoy all the benefits provided by innovative 5G connectivity at the enterprise edge.” said Sam Yeh, executive VP of Inventec Strategy Center, “Inventec believes that working with strong partners like Microsoft best enables us to create new world-class 5G connectivity solutions and smart manufacturing solutions. We really appreciate our close collaboration which gives us unparalleled value not only in providing innovative cloud and connectivity technologies, but also in supporting our go-to-market momentum.”

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