Hexagon Introduces Ultra-High Accuracy CMMs

Manufacturing Intelligence, a branch of Hexagon, has introduced a new generation of Leitz PMM-C ultra-high accuracy coordinate measurement equipment. (CMMs). This series has long been the performance benchmark in a wide range of precision applications where manufacturers want the best accuracy and lowest measurement uncertainty. Thanks to a powerful and easy modular concept paired with additional capabilities and performance options, that standard has risen even higher.

The updated series meets a diverse range of needs in measurement labs and precision manufacturing environments, from small volume, low sub-micron accuracy applications to high sensor flexibility, fast throughput, and near production inspection.

“We pay close attention to what our customers say about what they want from their CMMs, both in terms of core metrology capabilities and adaptability to their evolving application and business needs,” explains Lukas Kaps, Product Manager for Hexagon’s ultra-high precision CMM range. “We’ve gone over every detail of these machines and added new performance-enhancing features and optional capabilities to take the series to the next level of ultra-high accuracy inspection.” And, most importantly, we’ve made it simple for manufacturers to select and adjust CMMs to their individual application needs without having to evaluate an overwhelming number of possibilities.”

The Leitz PMM-C series can check parts of various sizes and shapes, with machine sizes ranging from 700 x 700 x 500 mm to 2400 x 1600 x 1000 mm. Manufacturers may define the measurement system that fully meets their unique application needs thanks to clear configuration options and enhancement possibilities.

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