Foxconn and Stellantis Form Joint Venture to Produce EV Semiconductors

Stellantis N.V. and Foxconn have announced the formation of SiliconAuto, a 50/50 joint venture dedicated to developing and distributing a family of cutting-edge semiconductors for the automobile sector, including Stellantis, beginning in 2026.

The collaboration combines Foxconn’s development capabilities and domain expertise in the ICT industry with Stellantis’ in-depth grasp of global mobility needs. SiliconAuto will offer customers a semiconductor source focused on the car sector for the expanding number of computer-controlled features and modules, notably those required for electric vehicles.

SiliconAuto products will help Stellantis, Foxconn, and other clients meet their future semiconductor needs. This features Stellantis’ revolutionary electrical/electronic and software architecture, STLA Brain, which has full over-the-air updating capabilities.

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