Ford opens its first carbon-neutral assembly plant, the New EV Centre

Ford inaugurated the Cologne Electric Vehicle Centre, a high-tech manufacturing facility in Germany that will produce Ford’s next generation of electric passenger vehicles for millions of European customers.

Ford has renovated its historic facility in Niehl, Cologne, which was founded in 1930, as part of a $2 billion investment that signals a significant vote of confidence in skilled German manufacturing jobs and the future of European automobile production.

The 125-hectare site is designed to be highly efficient, with a brand-new production line, battery assembly, and cutting-edge equipment and automation, allowing for an annual production capacity of 250,000+ EVs. Following the success of the Mustang Mach-E, E-Transit, and F-150 Lightning, Ford just introduced its fourth EV globally, the electric Explorer, which will be the first electric vehicle produced in Cologne, and will be followed by a second electric vehicle, a sporty crossover.

The Cologne EV Centre will be Ford’s first carbon-neutral assembly factory in the world, and it will help the corporation meet its goal of becoming carbon-neutral throughout its full European footprint of facilities, logistics, and direct suppliers by 2035.

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