Datanomix, ProShop ERP Deliver Automated Job Costing

Datanomix, a leader in automated production intelligence, and ProShop ERP, a leading supplier of digital manufacturing management systems, announce a partnership to help manufacturers deliver more insights from their operational data. The first of many new features is said to deliver automated job costing analytics that compare ProShop target takt times for part production to actual part performance at the machine. According to the companies, the ability to compare ProShop targets to Datanomix actuals and benchmarks offers clarity on gross margin performance on a per-part basis relative to machining operations while highlighting where the greatest opportunities for margin improvement exist.

A ProShop ERP integration is now available inside the Datanomix platform. By enabling this integration, Datanomix automatically matches part numbers in the machine code to those from the ProShop ERP system and extracts target takt times. These targets are integrated into the Datanomix Quote Calibration Report to identify opportunities for margin improvement by comparing the ProShop target takt times to Datanomix actuals and benchmarks. Pre-packaged filters in the report show exactly which jobs to work on.

“ProShop ERP is built to store and manage the data that’s vital to running a factory, helping manufacturers make better decisions for both their front office and their shop floor,” says Paul Van Metre, co-founder and CEO of ProShop ERP.

“Knowing how much it really costs to produce parts is the holy grail for precision manufacturers when it comes to job costing and quoting,” adds Greg McHale, CTO and co-founder of Datanomix. “With Datanomix, manufacturers get operations data directly from CNC machines, offering an incorruptible window into actual job performance derived while running parts because there is no operator input required. Our partnership with ProShop creates a secret weapon for job margin improvement and, ultimately, EBITDA improvement. And it’s just the beginning of our plans to accelerate and automate insights for manufacturers.”

A demonstration of the combined solution is available by completing an online form on the Datanomix website. Existing joint ProShop/Datanomix customers can reach out to Datanomix Support to enable the integration.


Article source on Modern Machine Shop

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