Coulomb Limits New U.S. Battery Pack Plant Location to Three States

Coulomb Solutions has announced the opening of a new production plant in the United States to produce commercial vehicle battery packs.

The new factory will produce battery packs specifically tailored for commercial vehicles in the United States.
CATL, a Chinese battery producer, will supply the corporation with lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) battery cells.The new cells, according to the business, are more durable and safer than nickel-cobalt-based chemistries.

More than 300 jobs will be created at the plant, which will include manufacturing, assembly, quality, engineering, supply chain, and support and management roles .Coulomb restricted its potential sites for its cutting-edge facilities to Arizona, Nevada, and Texas after studying numerous locales.By early summer, the business intends to have completed the site selection process.

According to Coulomb CEO David Mazaika, the new plant will decrease lead times in half.The factory will produce a variety of off-the-shelf battery packs for systems ranging from 30 kWh to over 3.5 MWh.The approved packs can assist OEMs in avoiding battery system development, lowering costs and shortening time to market. The plant will initially produce up to 4.2 GWh per year, but capacity can be increased if demand grows.

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