Caron Engineering Systems Integrator Expands Territory to West Coast

Wolfram Manufacturing, an integrator of Caron Engineering products, located in Austin, TX, has recently gained new distribution territory.

Established in 2011, Wolfram Manufacturing is a versatile machine shop specializing in medium to high-volume production of metal parts. Wolfram says it focuses on using the best technology that manufacturing offers and appealing to the next generation of makers. In 2015, Wolfram became a systems integrator of Caron Engineering products after realizing the benefits of the technology integrated in its own production.

In 2022, Wolfram Manufacturing opened its doors as a Production Technology Center to showcase Caron Engineering technology applied in real-world production. This provides a southern U.S. hub for customers to access the latest technologies for automation, cycle time reduction, unmanned operation, and total process monitoring and control for tool loading, offset adjustment and more. Most notably, the customer sees how the implementation of digital technologies results in 24/7 production with little to no machine operator intervention or attendance, according to the company.

“As a company that embraces new technology and automation, Wolfram has been an ideal integrator for Caron Engineering product sales, service, and support for over 7 years. With their advanced manufacturing capabilities and growing workforce, they are fully equipped to expand into their new territory (U.S.),” says Ryan Hegman, Caron Engineering’s VP of sales.

Wolfram’s territory now covers both the western and southwestern United States.

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