Bore and Spindle Alignment Laser Suitable for Twin-Barrel Extruders

Hamar Laser Instruments Inc. introduces its L-703 Bore & Spindle Alignment Laser, which it describes as compact and versatile. Applications include bore alignment, barrel and cylinder straightness, spindle alignments and hard-to-align twin-barrel extruders.

Hamar Laser’s L-703 is combined with the company’s specialized self-centering bore-measuring targets for extruders in the L-703 Twin-Barrel Extruder Alignment System kit, which also includes Hamar Laser’s new A-703T Spline-Shaft Adapter, A-510 2-Axis Target, bore adapters, readout and accessories. Additional L-703 Laser kits for other applications, including bore and spindle alignment and surface plate calibration, are planned for release later this year.

According to the company, its customers who already have the L-705 Extruder Borescope Laser for single-barrel extruders can now align twin-barrel extruders by purchasing the L-703 Laser and A-703T Adapter, while using the rest of the L-705 system components. Designed specifically for the L-703 Laser, the A-703T Adapter positions the laser on the end of the spline shafts on twins for alignments in tight spaces and features an adjustable centering plate to accurately indicate-in the center mounting hole to the rotation axis. Company president Rod Hamar says the latest laser is easy to use and its compact nature makes it ideal for hard-to-align twin-barrel extruders.


Article courtesy of Modern Machine Shop 

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