ANCA’s TX7 Linear: Elevating Punch Manufacturing with Five-Axis Precision Grinding

ANCA’s TX7 Linear emerges as a groundbreaking five-axis grinding machine specifically tailored for punch manufacturing. This cutting-edge equipment redefines the possibilities within punch production, offering superior flexibility compared to traditional three-axis grinders conventionally used for this purpose.

Unlike traditional punch grinding machines limited to the outer form with a single wheel, the TX7 Linear introduces a new realm of capabilities. Featuring two-wheel packs, and leveraging the company’s TXcell robot with nine to 24-wheel packs, this machine enables a diverse range of operations in a single setup. Beyond wheel pack changes, the TXcell robot facilitates automated tool loading, enabling unattended shifts for enhanced operational efficiency.

The presence of multiple wheel packs brings additional advantages, allowing optimization of grinding operations for stock removal or fine surface finishes by utilizing different roughing and finishing wheels.

Designed to excel in CBN grinding, the TX7 Linear and TXcell Linear machines employ smaller wheel diameters (up to 200 mm / 8″ on TX7 Linear and 300 mm / 12″ on TXcell Linear). This utilization of CBN results in optimized grinding feed rates and reduces the need for frequent wheel dressing. Remarkably, these machines reportedly achieve punch grinding within 2-3 µm with a surface finish of less than 0.1 Ra.

The TX7 Linear and TXcell Linear further distinguish themselves by enabling the production of keyhole punches, featuring intricate OD profiles, including concave forms. ANCA’s innovative approach utilizes small diameter wheels with form profiles, running at high RPM, a challenge seamlessly handled by the TX Linear machines. This integration underscores their prowess in tackling the complexities of modern punch manufacturing.

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