MSC Industrial Supply Co. joins MTD

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    MSC Industrial Supply Co. joins MTD

    MSC Industrial Supply Co. joins MTD
    Tuesday 9 June 2020 1:11:39 PM183 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    MSC Industrial Supply Co. (MSC) is a leading distributor for the world of manufacturing. Over 120,000 metalworking and MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) products are available, across 500 leading brands, offering you a vast range to keep your operations running smoothly.

    Our goal is to drive results for your business – from keeping operations running efficiently today, to continuously rethinking, retooling and optimising for a more productive tomorrow.

    With over 300 years of combined engineering experience, our approach is to proactively look for cost-savings in your business, not necessarily aligned to cheaper tooling or time savings, but the efficient use of machine time and lean processes. It is always our intention to find the right solutions to mitigate costs in line with increasing profitability.

    Delivering an amazing customer experience isn’t just a phrase to us; we can prove it. The Institute of customer service independently audits MSC, and our world-class customer service is officially recognised as being in the top 5% of all service industries measured in the UK. Our consistent high service score means we can confidently say we provide a ‘world-class customer service’.

    Underpinning everything we do is our people and their passion for our customers’ success. Whether you are talking to our accountants or customer services, everyone you contact at MSC is relentlessly committed to your success.

    The pace of today’s manufacturing means organisations want to produce more and get to market faster. Over the coming months, our engineering team will be talking to you about how we drive organisational efficiencies across your procurement and engineering teams. As well as helping you with your business challenges, we’ll be implementing significant cost-down initiatives that can help you achieve your production goals.


    We’re on your side

    We believe the right supply partner should be easy to do business with and one that helps you meet your company objectives. Focusing on tooling cost alone doesn’t have a transformational impact. That’s why at MSC, we apply our time served engineering expertise to find the right tool for the job. Most of all, we aim to make a difference, creating opportunities for organisations to grow and be the best they can be.

    Over many years, MSC has developed a great understanding of working with market-leading customers across industries such as automotive, aerospace, medical and oil and gas.

    Because we live and breath engineering and manufacturing, we have the experience and wealth of knowledge that enables us to understand the challenges in the industry. We look at the bigger picture, ensuring processes and efficiencies across your entire business are streamlined, and you’re set up for future growth. Whether you’re looking to secure cashflow or production capacity, we live by our tagline ‘Built to make you better’.

    At MSC’s core, is our industry-leading capability to provide you with extensive stock availability and product range from industry-leading brands – all through our award-winning next working day delivery service.

    When you look beyond MSC’s vast product offering and robust logistics system, you’ll find that MSC is the go-to company for a host of value-added solutions. We have the tools and flexibility to create a unique program that will fit your specific needs. From personalised vending and eCommerce solutions, our customers see numerous lean benefits.

    Our ‘best companies’ accreditation underlines the business’ commitment to developing and maintaining a happy and engaged workforce that is passionate about servicing our customers to the highest possible standards.

    Because we care about making a difference, we put our customers first, all the time, every time and provide three simple, but business-changing advantages; time, cost savings and control.

    We give you: control over your spending and purchasing processes; reduce the time taken up with production or unnecessary supply chain challenges and put money back into your business through cost saving projects and production improvements.

    Just like you, we strive for perfection and never compromise – through our regular updates with MTD CNC, you’ll see that our approach is to find the right tool for the application. Whereas engineering support from other suppliers can vary, we’re committed to underwriting cost savings for our customers.

    The relationships we have through our extensive list of suppliers and partners enables us to tap into new technology to bring you the latest innovations. Our partnership with MTD means we get to share our insights and expertise that give you the competitive edge.


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