Fully automated Muratec lathe for a £150,000?

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    Fully automated Muratec lathe for a £150,000?

    Are you running a manned single spindle lathe? Then this is a must watch.

    With many UK companies automating their CNC turning processes, adding an unmanned shift to their production and profitability, investing is becoming increasingly essential to stay competitive in today’s market.

    Matsuura would like to introduce you to the Muratec MS60 & MD60 – high-speed, single spindle lathes with automation designed into the heart of these machine.

    A cobot or robot loading a component into your lathe through the front door will do so in around 45 seconds; the MD & MS load components in just 5 seconds.

    When considering the cost – around £150,000 for the MS60, vector into your calculations the manpower savings and extra lights-out production you will achieve by investing in Muratec automation.

    Available from UK stock – fully supported by Matsuura in the UK.


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