CNF Precision – New Facility. New Machines. New Opportunities

    5 Axis

    CNF Precision – New Facility. New Machines. New Opportunities

    CNF have embraced the coming future global opportunities for UK PLC, purchasing a new facility that offers 600% more floorspace than their previous premises and investing in yet more multi-pallet 4 and 5 axis Matsuura machine tools, bringing their available pallet capacity across their automated Matsuura’s to over 100.

    An established serial investor in Matsuura automation, Neil Fearnley states clearly that the 32 pallet, 5 axis MAM72-35V “changed their fortunes”, delivering profitable unmanned overnight and weekend production.

    With skilled personnel becoming increasingly difficult to find in the UK, CNF have minimised their reliance on manned operations, maximised their lights-out automation and are now operating 1 man per 4 machines.

    Discover how your UK CNC machining business can, like CNF, become more profitable and competitive globally – with Matsuura automation. Contact them today.


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