MAPAL – More than cutting tools at MACH 2020

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    MAPAL – More than cutting tools at MACH 2020

    MAPAL – More than cutting tools at MACH 2020
    Wednesday 29 April 2020 2:03:31 PM113 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    As the world leading PCD cutting tool manufacturer and industry renowned full-line supplier, MAPAL will be using the MACH 2020 exhibition to demonstrate the diversity of not only its product lines, but also its service and support network. In Hall 18 on Stand 330, MAPAL

    In recent years, MAPAL has invested heavily in cloud-based platform systems and at MACH, the Rugby based cutting tool manufacturer will demonstrate how the complete delivery chain can now be networked via MAPAL’s open cloud c-Com platform. With the c-Com platform, data can now be accessed by all involved employees with data on production tools and machines automatically reaching the cloud via RFID chips and DNC servers.

    Completely eliminating the manual transmission of data, this new MAPAL concept is the ideal scenario for networked production. Complete networking involves a major infrastructure investment, rarely making it a reality. However, if MACH visitors want to start the digitalization or Industry 4.0 journey without high costs, MAPAL now has the ‘c-Connect’ module that includes a box of the same name.

    The usage of c-Connect pays-off for customers several times over. On one hand, c-Connect makes it possible to transmit tool data digitally from the setting fixture to the machine – and this includes the registration of inventory movements. It is also possible to monitor machine status using the c-Connect Box by means of various sensors. For this purpose, a c-Connect Box can be mounted on each machine tool and connected to the machine using a USB port. By doing this, production facilities with entirely different machine tools can be networked quickly and without complications. c-Connect is independent of the machine controller and therefore offers a low-cost entry model for digitalization.

    In small businesses, relevant measured data is often transferred from the setting fixture to the machine tool by means of manual entry. This time-consuming process is susceptible to errors during data transfer. This issue can be completely eliminated using c-Connect. The setting fixture measures the tool and the data is then transferred automatically to the c-Com platform. The tool is scanned at the machine, the c-Connect Box retrieves the measured data from c-Com and transmits the data to the machine tool at the press of a button. Not only are errors eliminated, unnecessary non-productive time is saved.

    To integrate into this information stream to add further value and instigate cost reductions, MAPAL will also be introducing the enhanced UNIBASE-S single automatic dispenser at MACH 2020. Taking ‘vending’ technology to a new level, the UNIBASE-S incorporates optimised ergonomic aspects to improve ease of use for the end user when storing and managing frequently required consumables. The display unit is now on the top of the UNIBASE-S device, making operation easier and more ergonomically friendly for the shop floor users.

    The software has been completely changed to the UNIBASE software system and this enables the new UNIBASE-S single automatic dispenser device to be coupled to existing UNIBASE systems or alternately be used as a stand-alone solution.

    With its extremely compact dimensions, the UNIBASE-S dispensing system can be installed directly on a workbench. For example, the 96 or 192 compartments are perfect for storing indexable inserts, cutting tools, chucks or even personal protective equipment. The ability to have the compact system close to the workstation or operator can save the employee significant time with the continual trips to a central warehouse or stores area. With everything from high-quality cutting tool solutions that are backed by the c-COM process management and UNIBASE-S inventory management system, MAPAL is inviting manufacturers of all sizes from all industry sectors to discuss the next generation of cutting tool technology on its stand at MACH 2020.


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