Drilling and reaming in one machining step

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    Drilling and reaming in one machining step

    Drilling and reaming in one machining step
    Sunday 16 August 2020 1:33:33 PM266 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    MAPAL is renowned for its ability to support customers in their continuous drive to cost-effectively manufacture components and to reduce non-productive machining times. To further bolster the cutting tool manufacturers reputation for achieving these goals in the filed of holemaking, MAPAL has now introduced its new Drill-Ream product line. 

    The underlying philosophy of the Drill-Ream is to combine individual work steps to improve precision and consistency, reduce set-ups and of course, reduce operations by offering the opportunity to shave seconds and possibly minutes from machining times. For the machining of bores on a complete range of materials that vary from cast iron through to aluminium, MAPAL has developed the new Drill-Ream system with a pyramid tip for unparalleled precision. This impressive new tool combines pilot-drilling, drilling and the subsequent reaming of the bore in just a single pass. 

    The impressive new solid carbide Drill-Ream tools are available with through coolant to rapidly evacuate chips, prolong tool life and increase cutting speeds and feeds. Offered in incremental diameters from 5.97mm through to 12.72mm, the new Drill-Ream has been developed with an optimised self-centering geometry that guarantees drill position and precision. This geometry includes a pyramid tip design that ensures the Drill-Reamer can enter the part without any issues. With a very small chisel edge and a tip angle of 140° degrees, drilling is possible even in unstable surface conditions. The optimally designed reaming cutting edge that follows the primary drilling edge is proven to produce unprecedented surface finishes and precision levels. 

    Furthermore, the new Drill-Reamer is available with MAPAL’s coating technology to maximise tool life and performance during prolonged drilling operations. So, if you want to reduce your cycle times, improve your holemaking precision and reduce your cutting tool inventory requirements and costs, contact MAPAL for more detail on the new Drill-Ream series.


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