Toshiba’s New Machines with Nanometre Accuracy


    Toshiba’s New Machines with Nanometre Accuracy

    Toshiba’s New Machines with Nanometre Accuracy
    Wednesday 20 November 2019 1:39:18 PM63 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    Toshiba Machine have announced the launch of their latest machines with nanometre accuracy, the UVM machine tools shown at the EMO exhibition in Hannover.

    Here you will see Gio interviewing Ike-san reference the UVM-450D(H) which has spindle speeds of up to 60,000rpm!

    This machine demonstrates ultra-precision machining and focuses on the next generation of products such as smartphone and computer manufacturing, as well as critical components for cameras, lenses and medical applications. Industries with a strong presence in mirror-finishing optics and precision mould manufacturing in hardened steel will also draw benefits from the UVM range.

    Dealing with the high spindle speeds and axis feeds that are necessary for ultra-fine surface finishes requires a controlled temperature environment. To achieve this, Toshiba have implemented integrated thermal displacement control to stabilise temperatures. This is achieved by circulating temperature-controlled coolant and air, regulated to ± 0.1°C, within the machine structures and the work zone, helping to maintain high accuracy and superior surface finishes during long hours of machining.

    These machines are amongst the first, equipped for directly interchangeable tools without the need for expensive tool holders, to be able to change from rough to finish machining, including the use of diamond tooling and vibration-assisted tools.

    The UVM range consists of four vertical machining centres, the UVM-450D(H), UVM-450C(H), UVM-700C(H) and UVM-700E(5AD). These machines not only offer manufacturers high spindle speeds up to 60,000 rpm using air-bearing spindles but exceptional accuracy using linear motor drives to a resolution of 0.01µm. The UVM-700E(5AD) full 5-axis machining centre offers a large load capacity of 200kg and is different from other types of similar machines by combining a tilting head with a full rotary table.

    The aerostatic spindle bearing is common among all the models in the UVM range, ensuring high positional accuracy resulting in high quality machining. Toshiba Machine originally developed high-precision aerostatic spindles in 1977 to enable the manufacture of the wide range of Toshiba consumer products and electronic components.

    Go forward to the next generation of machining with the UVM vertical machining centres. Follow us on LinkedIn for regular updates.


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