Nomura’s New Compact Machining Centres


    Nomura’s New Compact Machining Centres

    Nomura’s New Compact Machining Centres
    Tuesday 3 December 2019 3:33:24 PM63 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    NomuraDS, based in South Korea, has been manufacturing quality sliding head lathes for over 70 years. Their high precision, durability and innovation are perfect for large volume production of aerospace, medical and automotive parts. Nomura also manufactures tapping machining centres which are based on their latest design and technology.

    This month Nomura have announced two new models within the range the DST 40DS and DST 42DS. They are compact drill and tapping centres capable of machining high accurate parts at high speeds, maximising productivity. The standard spindle speed is up to 15,000rpm, with an option of 24,000 rpm if required. These machines are perfect for high-volume parts, like for manufacturing electric car batteries.

    There are another five machines within the drill and tapping centre range offering manufacturers more options depending on your application, such as variations in spindle speed, X/Y/Z travel, ATC and control. Download the Nomura Brochure for more information.

    Nomura aim at building high technology machine tools such as these by constantly investing to enhance quality, precision and technology.


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