Industry Leading and High Precision Performance with Toyoda


    Industry Leading and High Precision Performance with Toyoda

    Industry Leading and High Precision Performance with Toyoda
    Friday 8 January 2021 4:25:02 PM53 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    A new year is finally here, as many have been hoping for, and with this brings an increase in new opportunities for the U.K. manufacturers. With the current situation as it is there are companies that have seen an increase in productivity such as the medical, power generation, agricultural and many others.

    For those manufacturers who wish to invest in new computerised numerical control machinery, Toyoda have experience in providing the correct machine for your production.

    The FH-J Series are known throughout the metal cutting industry as the most rigid and dependable horizontal machining centres available. Toyoda offers the optimum solution with the speed and agility necessary to keep you highly productive in today’s competitive environment, all in a compact footprint.

    The ultra-fast spindles, with their high acceleration/ deceleration and high power/torque, are world renowned for their reliability, with BIG PLUS BT40/50 and HSK 63/100 available.

    Historical data shows a less than 2% failure rate over 12 years of operation. For unforeseen circumstances such as collisions and taper damage, the spindle cap is replaceable without the need to remove the spindle assembly.

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