Gruppo Parpas has devoted and manufactured some of its machine tools for the aerospace and energy industries and other industries. To make sure customers are fully satisfied fully trained engineers are assigned to test and evaluate the product range to make sure that machining is at its best for the best quality precision.

The range of machine tools designated to aerospace and energy is varied, they include the UNIKA, DIAMOND Linear, SHARK and the ROLLER.

The UNIKA is a high-speed milling centre with a movable column. This machine has an impressive feed rate of 60 M/min and the linear axes are water cooled to provide a constant temperature-controlled machine structure for producing high precision parts. The working area can be equipped with an index table, tailstock and automatic fixtures to provide total flexibility for various work holding applications. This machine is perfect for the aerospace industry and Gruppo Parpas has many successful installations within this, and other industries where a high degree of accuracy and complexity are required.

The DIAMOND Linear is a gantry style 5 axis machining centre for the manufacture of moulds, dies and complex aerospace components. The fixed table and moving gantry design permits loads of up to 20 tons to be processed


The SHARK is a fixed bed moving column machining centre and has high torque, performance and speed. The ram can be fitted with a number of head attachments and the table is up to an impressive 5.5M in length is available with a rotary table or a central partition for pendulum milling. The machine is perfect for all sectors with low friction rates and swift tool changing which allows less lead time, reducing production costs.

Finally, the fixed gantry ROLLER offers maximum flexibility through a wide variety of table configurations and spindle heads. The square or round continuous rotary table, capable of carrying loads up to 3500kg, can also be supplied for turning applications up to 600rpm. The continuous universal head is fitted with a high torque 18000rpm spindle or other spindle options are available.

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