Productivity and efficiency enhancements from Leader at MACH 2020

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    Productivity and efficiency enhancements from Leader at MACH 2020

    Productivity and efficiency enhancements from  Leader at MACH 2020
    Wednesday 29 April 2020 1:47:14 PM50 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    Manufacturing productivity and efficiency specialist, Leader Chuck International will provide static and dynamic demonstrations of a number of new and recently launched products from its international partners on Stand 18 Hall 18 at the NEC, Birmingham from the 20 to 24 April 2020.

    MACH will see the UK launch of Orange Vice Delta IV compact vices and zero-point subplates for use in multi-axis and high-density milling set ups. “Focused 4/5-axis vices such as the new Orange Delta IV Compact are useful for applications involving 3+2 and simultaneous 5-axis machining and are highly effective for working with complex free-form shapes and difficult angles,” explains Mark Jones, Managing Director, Leader Chuck International.

    Orange Delta IV Compact vices feature a small 150 by 100 mm footprint and an integral zero-point interface, cross compatible with the company’s proprietary locating systems, as well as 52 mm pull stud interfaces from other brands. These vices are designed to support 5-axis machining by allowing obstruction-free cutting on five sides of the workpiece. They have the benefit of a quick, single clamp setup and allow for continuous, high-speed cutting of pockets and 3-dimensional or sculpted surfaces.

    Balance Systems’ range of industry-leading solutions at MACH 2020 will include grinding wheel balancing, in-line dynamic gauging, touch detection and spindle monitoring with the B-Safe machine tool spindle monitoring system. The B-Safe range won the Predictive Maintenance category of the Maintenance & Engineering Magazine Awards 2019, the judges verdict was: “A very impressive all-in-one monitoring and analysis system for spindles and machine tools.”

    Autogrip’s new Auto Jaw Exchange chuck (AJC) will be on show. Designed for around-the-clock 24/7 lights-out manufacturing the chuck’s exchange plate can be instant changed over by robot. With multiple exchange plates and reduce setup times the Autogrip AJC is ideal for small-batch production runs.

    New from Hainbuch is the Maxxos T211, a mandrel featuring a new hexagonal pyramid shape instead of a round taper. Using the hexagonal clamping pyramid design maximum transmission forces can be realised, up to 155 per cent more transmissible torque and up to 57 per cent higher rigidity, compared to round mandrel. The segmented clamping bushing with the hexagon socket sits on the clamping pyramid with a positive fit, which enables maximum machining capacity with less vibration and thereby less tool wear. The segmented clamping bushes offer a factory-standard run-out accuracy of ≤ 10 micron. For even greater precision there are two additional levels of run-out quality to choose from with a run-out accuracy of ≤ 2 micron possible upon request.

    Designed to run up to 6,000 rpm, MicroCentric recently launched the CB-NX series collet chuck featuring a low-profile dead length design with a reduced diameter nose for maximum tool clearance. The design of this collet is coupled to the chuck body and remains stationary as the tapered seat moves forward when the chuck is actuated. This design keeps the collet in a fixed Z-axis position during clamping and does not create a pull-back effect on the bar stock or workpiece. Maprox is now part of the JKS Group, offering additional services like automation, robotic systems, IoT and Augmented Reality themes.

    Stand visitors can also see the Walmag Alustar chuck. The Alustar permanent chuck is used during turning and grinding of ring-shaped workpieces. The chuck excels due to its low weight resulting from the aluminium design of the body. It can cope with a larger weight range of machined components. “With this chuck, you have the possibility to machine the front, inner and outer diameter of the workpiece in one operation,” Mark Jones confirms.

    Alustar has a number of advantages, such as a compact top plate made of one piece of steel with radial poles; high performance magnetic system with neodymium magnets; unique construction with a self-locking switch mechanism for continuous adjustment of the holding force facilitating workpiece centring; aluminium base reduces the load on the machine tool spindle and increases the available weight capacity of workpieces; and safe, self-locking mechanism preventing the chuck from switching off during machining.

    The Zero Clamp zero-point clamping system is the modern alternative to the conventional T-slot table that drastically reduces any setup times and increases machine capacity.

    Workshop benefits for milling include direct clamping of the component onto a base unit. Holes as sockets for the clamping studs are specified at the design stage. Components can be changed quickly and accurately across all machines for second ops and finishing.

    In the case of turning operations the productivity increases are achieved with pre-balanced base units. Maximum safety at high forces comes from the additional retaining elements. EDM workholding functions reliably even under water or in dielectric. The base units are equipped with special drain holes so that the water can escape when the pots are opened.

    High precision Swiss manufacturer, Maprox, recently launched a range of clamping equipment for co-ordinate measuring machines. 3D-Flex-Fix is the universal clamping system for any CMM, providing the solution for two of industries’ most challenging requirements: Unlimited clamping flexibility; and very fast changeover times from one part to another.

    A range of efficiency enhancing solutions will also be demonstrated by Leaders trusted partners including AMCC, Hewa, Homge, Jato, Lexair and Llambrich.


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