Multi Face Machining Made Easy


    Multi Face Machining Made Easy

    Multi Face Machining Made Easy
    Wednesday 11 December 2019 4:41:13 PM1346 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    As part of Leader Chucks portfolio they now supply the Blue Photon system.

    What is it? In very simple terms it is a workholding solution that holds components / billets via a ‘gluing’ process. Sounds simple, and it is!!! But what it means is that tricky components can be held and machined to enable multiple faces to be machined all in one operation.

    The system provides a bond between the component / billet and the bespoke fixturing plate. This means that additional faces can be machined. Not only that, the system provides repeatability and accuracy.

    It has been very successful in the aerospace industry, but affords itself to any industry and material. For more information watch the video then get in contact with the team at Leader Chuck.


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