Autogrip Power Chucks and Cylinders from Leader


    Autogrip Power Chucks and Cylinders from Leader

    Autogrip Power Chucks and Cylinders from Leader
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    Workholding specialist, Leader Chuck International, is the sole agent and distributor in the UK and Ireland of the extensive range of high precision power chucks and rotary cylinders from Autogrip, offering pre-sales technical support, stocks of popular items and spare parts.

    For bar feed or billet loading precision turning applications Autogrip has a range of through-bore and closed centre standard and long stroke 2-, 3- and 4-jaw power chucks, designed to operate at up to 8,000 rpm. For drilling, milling, grinding and other machining operations, a range of 3-jaw stationary power chucks is available. All the chucks are produced from hardened and ground steel and feature direct lubrication.

    All Autogrip hydraulic rotary cylinders are constructed from light weight materials, with through-bore and closed centre workholding solutions offering class-leading performance characteristics. Managing Director, Mark Jones, says: “Autogrip has an established reputation for producing high quality workholding products, manufacturing power chucks and hydraulic rotary cylinders for a number of world class OEM machine tool builders.

    Based in Taiwan, Autogrip Machinery has been producing its extensive range of precision chucks for over two decades. Today, the ISO 9001 accredited company employs around 600 people and produces a wide range of standard and special high rigidity, high precision power chucks and rotary cylinders.


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