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As part of the ongoing growth of our media channels at MTDCNC, we continue to welcome new contributors to our print, digital, social and video platforms. This month, we are delighted to welcome Langley Alloys to the MTDCNC platforms. As Europe’s largest news, technology and information source for the manufacturing industry, welcoming Langley Alloys to MTD will give our audience a unique insight into this industry-leading specialist material supplier. 

So, who are Langley Alloys?

Founded in 1938, Langley Alloys was created to develop high-performance alloys for naval and aerospace applications and its history includes the patent for the very first commercial super duplex stainless steel, Ferralium 255 and the invention of the highest-strength copper-nickel alloy Hiduron. This isnow widely used in modern subsea applications.

Rising from the special copper alloys division of High Duty Alloys and developed into a fully integrated metal production company on a site at Langley in West London, it grew steadily throughout World War II. This acceleration was accredited toseveral successful alloy developments, including the high-strength Naval alloy Hidurax Special and the copper bearing alloy, Hidurel® 5, which was a major engine bearing on the Spitfire aircraft. During the 1970s, the company employed over 500 people in metal manufacture, which included casting, rolling, forging and fabrication as well as a successful valve design and production division. Over time the company relocated from its original site and went through several name changes as parts of the business were separated.

Elements of its proud history are still visible today, as Langley Alloys continues to supply a family of unique products for demanding applications. In more recent years, Langley Alloys has continued to focus on the distribution of corrosion-resistant alloys alongside proprietary products. The addition of sites in the United States provides global reach and the ability to support customers wherever they are located.Nowadays, it operates from specialist facilities in the UK and USA, where the comprehensive stockholding of bars, platesand pipes allows the company to supply customers globally. It is also a distribution partner for Alleima (formerly Sandvik) and Voestalpine BOHLER Edelstahl, carrying an extensive range of their stainless steels, duplex and super duplex stainless steels and nickel alloys. 

What Can They Offer?

Continued investment in in-house inspection, testing and machining capabilities allow Langley Alloys to be a‘one-stop’ supplier of choice, saving manufacturersconsiderable cost, time and effort. So, if you requirehigh-performance alloys for demanding applications, let the knowledgeable Langley Alloys team take care of you. The company can offer everything from pipe, bar, plate, and machined components as well as inspection and testing, bar and tube sawing, heat treatment, custom forgings, waterjet cutting, deep hole boring and much much more. Of course, you can watch the MTDCNC videos, and articles or follow our social media updates to find out everything you need to know about Langley Alloys. 

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