The MultiTend MT-4 Tending System


    The MultiTend MT-4 Tending System

    The MultiTend MT-4 Tending System
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    This system is a flexible modular system which automates the loading and unloading of parts or material for a wide range of machine shop applications. With its intuitive interface this reliable solution can be easily integrated into new and existing production processes. The cell is compact and, easy to install. It can be moved from one machine to another and is easily reconfigured. It’s ability to run autonomously for many hours means that it provides an excellent return on investment. 

    The flexibility of this system means it can be easily adapted to a variety of production demands such as high mix or low volume. It encompasses a number of key processes to increase productivity and reduce operational costs.

    • ROBOTICS – Fully integrated robot pre-programmed for a short installation time.
    • ROTARY LOADING SYSTEM – Adjustable grid plates allow for material to be loaded whilst previous parts are being machined, increasing production capacity. 
    • EASE OF USE – Configured and set up in minutes due to the intuitive interface.
    • SAFETY – Utilises next generation safety systems to provide the operator access at all times.



    • Increase in uptime results in higher output & profitability.
    • Accurate repeatability – maximises throughput & minimises wasted materials.
    • Reduced production & labour costs.
    • Increase in operator efficiency.


    • Ability to tend multiple machines.
    • Dual part handling options.
    • Easily adapted to customer site layout requirements.


    • Fast, efficient install using standardised hardware.
    • Requires minimal robotic training.


    Fixed cell size: 1300 X 1700 X 2000mm

    Robot model selection: KR10 (6 axis) standard selection,
    customisable to suit a full range of CNC machines.

    Robot reach: R540 to R1100 without EOAT

    Electrical supply: Single phase 50-60Hz 230V 10A

    Air supply: 6bar

    Control circuit: 24vdc


    • System can be combined with an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) to provide an end to end fully automated solution.
    • High speed robotics makes the system suitable for multiple conveyor configuration.
    • Slip/tier/top sheet handling by robot.

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