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    KUKA UK – Subcontract friction welding

    KUKA UK – Subcontract friction welding
    Monday 21 December 2020 3:54:55 PM136 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    Subcontract friction welding offers an affordable means through which to execute solid state bonding across several material combinations; a cost-effective alternative to purchasing capital equipment. KUKA’s subcontract friction welding solutions, undertaken at our Halesowen facility, in the heart of The Black Country on the iconic Thompson friction welding machines, are utilised across a number of sectors, including (but not limited to): power generation, oil and gas, and automotive (incorporating construction and yellow goods).

    A comprehensive in-house service, KUKA’s subcontract friction welding is supported by pre and post weld preparation by way of; component testing and quality assurance and a state-of-the-art metallurgical laboratory.

    But what other features and benefits can be afforded through utilising KUKA’s subcontract solutions? See our easy to understand infographic, that details all of the features.

    For more information please download our Subcontract friction welding services:- https://cdn.mtdcnc.global/docs/Mark/Infographic%20AWS%20Subcon.pdf



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