J&S Engineering Joins MTDCNC


    J&S Engineering Joins MTDCNC

    J&S Engineering Joins MTDCNC
    Tuesday 23 June 2020 10:52:08 AM86 ViewsClick here for download information on this product


    MTDCNC is delighted to announce that J&S Engineering UK Ltd has joined the UK’s leading marketing, news and information source for the manufacturing sector. The Gloucestershire company has a product line-up that includes bar chamfering machines, fully automatic and manual centrifuge systems and crushers, industrial swarf vacuums, briquetting machines, swarf conveyors and component handling machines.


    With something for every machine shop, the Cheltenham Company will be keen to inform the industry about the unfathomable cost-saving and automation benefits that can be derived from the company’s manual and automatic material, component and waste handling systems.


    Who are J&S Engineering UK Ltd?


    With over 25 years of expertise in the UK machine tool industry, the company specialises in providing solutions and systems for the treatment, management and recycling of waste materials. In addition, it also designs and manufactures its own range of bar chamfering machines in the UK for bar preparation. Additionally, the company is the sole UK agents for FAMA fully automated swarf centrifuge systems and crushers, Hocker Polytechnic Brikstar briquetting machines, Rimann fluid separation and swarf spinning centrifuge systems and Sofraper industrial machine and floor cleaning vacuums. All of these companies have been carefully selected based on the leading technology, quality of their products and excellent level of support.


    From advice, consultation, factory visits and material testing, J&S can identify the right products or systems to save time and money for industrial swarf recycling and processing, oil and coolant fluid filtration, reclamation & distribution systems, machine & floor cleaning equipment and bar, stud rod & tube chamfering and ending machines. The cost reductions that can be attained from efficient and effective management of swarf, materials and coolants can be significant; and at MTDCNC, we’ll be introducing you to the brands, the products and the benefits that UK customers are yielding from the equipment.


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