HAIMER help Exactaform push their tools to the limit

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    HAIMER help Exactaform push their tools to the limit

    Exactaform is now recognised as one of the UK’s leading independent PCD cutting tool manufacturers. Founded by John Inglis, the company started its journey with John renting a small optical profile grinder. Exponential growth and multiple machine purchases soon set the business on its way to success.

    Exactaform’s Dean Townsend says: “We work very closely with several partners and this is very important as we are in a market where we are chasing microns on a lot of components that we are machining. To achieve that, we needed to have the right equipment. So, we recently bought a Haimer shrink-fit machine that goes alongside the Haimer Tool Dynamic balancing machine we have. We know we are using the best shrink fit technology and the best balancing technology, so when the customers demand tight tolerances, that is what we achieve.”

    Commenting on the Industry 4.0 ready balancing machine, Dean continues: “We are very big on investment in new technology and with this machine, we can link it to the network. When we go forward to the customers, we can provide complete traceability of our tooling. So, when a customer has a tool from us, we know exactly where it has come from – what date it was manufactured, what machine it was made on and much more, this is very important in the industries we work within.”


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