How Easy Is It To Program The HAAS Control?


    How Easy Is It To Program The HAAS Control?

    In a recent visit to the HAAS workshop Lyndsey speaks to James Leet about the HAAS control and how its evolved over the years.

    James gives an excellent overview of the operational functions illustrating the simplicity of use with intuitive and easy to use features regardless of the operation you’re performing.

    The Haas control hardware and software is designed and built in-house, and optimized specifically for Haas machine tools. If there is a problem Haas Automation takes full responsibility for the entire machine.

    The Haas control is easy to learn and use, and it is the same across the entire product line. Haas machines are also used extensively in educational institutions around the world, so graduating students are already familiar with the Haas control, which makes finding new operators and programmers easier.


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