Introducing the Micro DIVER from Guhring

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    Introducing the Micro DIVER from Guhring

    Birmingham-based Guhring Ltd, has extended the benefits offered by its Diver series of end mills to the micro-machining sector with the new RF100 Micro Diver end mills, which can be used for a wide range of applications and materials.

    Providing plunging and milling in a single tool, the new RF100 Micro Diver is available in two variants, the 6808 and 6809; they feature a symmetrical drilling face for stability when ramping and drilling, a new transition geometry to improve rigidity and an innovative flute form that ‘further enhances rigidity and eliminates vibration’.

    The RF100 Micro Diver 6808 series is a three-flute solid-carbide end mill suitable for cutting materials up to 48HRC at depths up to 2.5xD.

    With a 40deg helix angle to evacuate chips from the work area when undertaking high-speed machining, 6808-series cutters are available with a H5 4 or 6mm shank diameter and H8 cutting diameters from 0.79 to 3.175mm (with a multitude of dimensional increments available).


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