Guhring RT100XF – This drill is FAST

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    Guhring RT100XF – This drill is FAST

    120 years of manufacturing expertise, innovation and synergy: These are the pillars of our success that have allowed Guhring, once a pioneer of drilling solutions, to develop into an industry-leading full-service provider. This was made possible by our own R&D departments in geometry, production and coating, the production of proprietary carbide, as well as grinding and coating systems.

    This leading expertise serves as the basis for the new RT 100 XF. Exceptional performance and a qualitative advantage. With unbridled power and guaranteed outstanding results for your processes.

    Your benefits:
    Combined optimisation of all tool parameters enables outstanding feed rates and exceptional metal removal rates
    In-house high-end finishing for maximum performance utilisation
    Reduced cycle times for difficult-to-machine materials and special applications in series production~
    Proprietary carbide XF and nanoFire coating

    Extremely hard, absolutely break-proof. The carbide, developed for the RT 100 XF, performs a balancing act between hardness and toughness through the unique combination of tungsten carbide and cobalt. The special structure of this unique composite cutting material has a re-sharpening effect.

    The proven nanoFire coating system was developed by specially designed pre-treatment and post-treatment processes. This surface treatment smooths the coating and makes it significantly more robust.

    Double margin grip extremely early, thus perfecting the coaxiality, ensuring perfect bore quality. Polished flutes reduce the heat input into the component. The chip flows off faster; thermal changes such as hardening are avoided.


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