Gewefa UK now offering Fahrion Centro P Premium range of collet chucks


    Gewefa UK now offering Fahrion Centro P Premium range of collet chucks

    Gewefa UK now offering Fahrion Centro P Premium range of collet chucks
    Tuesday 19 November 2019 3:17:09 PM73 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    Gewefa UK Limited, the Corsham based supplier of toolholders and tool holding accessories is expanding its partner portfolio with the addition of products from the Fahrion Precision Centro P Premium range of collet chucks.

    Gewefa UK will concentrate on sales and support for three key products from the Premium programme – Ultra Power Chucks, Dynamic Performance Chucks and Mini Precision Chucks.

    The standard Centro P collet chuck system is widely available with features integral to all Fahrion systems including the tried-and-tested Fahrion ‘Protect’ coating on the collets.  However, features of the Premium specialist programme create new application areas and opportunities.

    The Ultra Power Chucks (UPC) are designed to optimise material removal rates on high-performance machines with high rigidity and drive power. Radial rigidity, compact length and mechanical pull-out protection produce a holding torque of 1,000 Nm.

    The very high clamping force usually requires rigid connections which in turn results in the creation and propagation of vibration. Micro creeping also sets in earlier here. If the connection is less rigid but has a higher damping rate, much better results can be achieved.

    With Centro P Premium UPC chucks good damping rates are achieved and micro creeping is eliminated by positive locking.

    The Dynamic Performance Chucks (DPC) are designed for machines with less stability and drive power, but usually with higher spindle and axis speed.  DPC is ideal for trimming, finishing and roughing with all processing tasks able to be performed using the same chuck.

    User features include high removal rates on machines with contemporary milling strategies, making them ideal for applications in tool and mould manufacture, automotive and supply industries and upscale components and subcontractors.

    Finally, the Mini Precision Chucks (MPC) are designed for use with high speed spindles or for operating in tight spaces.

    MPC chucks feature smaller clamping diameters for high spindle speeds and frequently, very slim outer contours for deep immersion/pocketing in cavities requiring very stable tool clamping.

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