Ideal configuration of Robotised Finishing Cell


    Ideal configuration of Robotised Finishing Cell

    Ideal configuration of Robotised Finishing Cell
    Tuesday 28 April 2020 1:54:52 PM36 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    Fastems has a range of new simulation services and the updated robot offline programming software, Fastsimu for the Robotized Finishing Cell (RFC)
    This offering makes Fastems a comprehensive partner for deburring and finishing with robotic cells. Fastems can provide now the robotic cell, the offline programming tool and RFC-related services that provide powerful simulation capabilities for the robotic cell.


    Programming workpieces before they exist

    The Robotised Finishing Cell (RFC) is a high-end robot cell for automated deburring and finishing of workpieces. Central components are a robot with gripper system for automatic tool change and a servo rotary table for holding workpieces. Optionally, a tool magazine, a cooling water/oil system and a dust removal system are available for the RFC.

    The RFC can be used as a stand-alone solution or as an integral part of a Fastems Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS). With the Fastsimu software, it is possible to create simulations of new tools and deburring or finishing programs and then safely implement them in production. One of the main advantages is that Fastsimu allows two people to work simultaneously with the robotic cell: one with RFC (Robotized Finishing Cell) and one with Fastsimu.


    Powerful simulation tool

    The intuitive software uses the advantages of CAD-generated paths and thus offers robot programming similar to that of any multi-axis machine tool. Powerful virtual tools enable the user to ensure the reach of the robot and thus collision-free movements during machining.

    In this context, Fastsimu checks the cycle times, simulates the tool change, monitors the robot joint limits as well as speeds and accelerations.

    By simulating different tools for specific finishing tasks, the user can virtually test the suitable tools prior to finishing and, if necessary, order new tools in good time before production. Fastsimu also accelerates the product development cycle by simulating deburring and finishing tasks without the need to create a physical part.

    The new version of Fastsimu includes several enhancements, including a user-friendly interface, optimised performance for simulating and importing CAD models, and advanced robot path control. With Fastsimu, the workpiece can be programmed before it even exists, resulting in significant savings regardless of the workpiece and lot size.


    Service packages for customer-specific simulations

    Fastems’ new simulation services consist of different packages that relate to activities before and after purchasing an RFC. For example, Fastems offers a pre-study to ensure that the RFC is optimally configured for the customer’s specific processes. In addition, other services are available, such as simulation planning for new tools or manufacturing options prior to their introduction, as well as performance evaluations of deburring processes, tools and estimated cycle times. With this in mind, the study will use customer-specific workpieces to select the right tools, determine the deburring processes, and finally verify the quality of the machining processes.


    Complete process description and practical tips

    The objectives of the study include identifying the correct spindle types, defining the appropriate tools and process media, creating a complete process description to complete the parts, and evaluating what percentage of a part can be completed automatically. Fastems therefore carries out professional studies and testing, providing the customer not only with accurate reports, but also with practical suggestions.

    Fastems’ pre-study provides customers with an RFC ideal for each workpiece. By integrating Fastems’ simulation services, specific processes can also be integrated directly into production without interfering the robot’s workflow. Sami Pohjolainen, Product Manager at Fastems, explains: “We are now a comprehensive partner for deburring and finishing cells by offering the whole package: the robotic cell, services and offline programming software. We are proud of this range of services, which gives us a variety of tools to help our customers get a perfectly designed deburring and finishing robotic cell. Through our new services and close cooperation with our customers, we meet their needs fully and beyond.”


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