ETG Introduce New Bending Centre

The Fabrication Division at the Engineering Technology Group (ETG) is now proud to present the latest arrival to its product range – the Durma PB Bending Centre. Capable of performing bending operations on a wide range of sheet metals, the PB accurately positions the lower and upper bending dies to achieve incredibly flexible part profiles with unparalleled precision.

The impressive Durma PB Bending Centre offers maximum speed, flexibility and safety with a fully automatic tool change that ensures minimum set-up time and maximum productivity. With the PB Bending Centre, manufacturers can achieve excellent bending results and increase production efficiency with a choice of different models available to suit the desired angle or shape, during the sheet bending process. The Durma PB Bending Centre is perfect for the fully automatic bending of thick plate materials in the range of 0.5 to 4mm in simple and complex bending profiles.

With its user-friendly interface and technologically advanced software that facilitates the programming of an unfathomably wide range of parts, the PB Bending Centre is your ideal solution. Furthermore, the PB Bending Centre can be integrated into production lines with punch and laser machines to provide maximum time savings in production processes. Moreover, it becomes your solution partner with its user-friendly interface and software that facilitates part programming whilst the robust design structure demonstrates perfect ergonomics, kinematics and ease of use that make the Durma PB Bending Centre an indispensable machine for all your bending requirements.

From a technological perspective, the new addition to the ETG range has a ‘Smart Consumption System’ that offers standard production conditions isolated from thermal effects with minimum operator input. The PB Bending Centre is available in two model variants, the PB2 and the larger PB4. Both machines are controlled by the familiar Siemens 840D CNC system whilst the locking tool mechanism, crowning bending blade and holder device are all servo electric driven – as are the manipulator clamping device and axis movements. The PB2 and PB4 have a maximum bending length of 2250mm and 2800mm respectively with a maximum sheet width of 1524. The PB2 has a bending and holding force of 320 and 550kN whereas the more powerful PB4 provides 500 and 1000kN. For further information, please contact the Fabrication Division at ETG.

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